The bowl plate is joined together with the bowl in the middle and the plate around the sides of the bowl. There is no inconvenience to the people eating so they don’t have to have a separate bowl and a separate plate for their foods. The multipurpose bowl plate is arrayed in radiation manner by taking the center bowl as a benchmark. The plate is divided into four accommodation sections. You can have different type of foods, hot or cold. A bowl plate is a technical solution and a kind of multipurpose bowl plate. The plate is a sectional plate for a variety of foods. The bowl plate is designed for serving cold cereal-fruit, hot soup, other food that you would use with a regular bowl and plate. The invention is a bowl and plate combined together.



The plate is divided into four equally sized and similarly shaped compartments by four permanently connected partitions which extend upwardly from the upper surface of the plate and extend radially outwardly from the bowl section to an outer pate sidewall. The upper edges of the partitions lie in a first horizontal plane that is below a second horizontal plane flush with the uppermost surfaces of the bowl sidewall and the outer plate sidewall.